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2/23/2024 Pool Construction Defect Expert Witness. Pool Designer and Builder, Decades long Educator, Michael W. Nantz IWI, serving Homeowners and Pool Builders, Defendants and Plaintiffs 214.222.1225 #PoolConstructionDefect #ExpertWitness

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Mr. Nantz has a 30+ year history in the swimming pool industry as a designer, builder, consultant and educator. He has accumulated a breadth of experience leading and managing the engineering, operational and application functions of the various teams required to produce simple to complex watershapes. Additionally, since the mid 90’s Mr. Nantz has taught, in the United States and Europe, classes involving, drawing, design, construction, renovation, computer design and professional fee services to swimming pool industry professionals.

Mr. Nantz’s experience includes consultation to swimming pool building professionals both domestically and internationally, providing his expertise on design, construction, Alkali-silica reactions (ASR) and business operation. He is principal of the design/build company, Elite Concepts, Inc., established in 1991, based in Lewisville, Texas.